Cinthia Corona

Armano Romano

Vladimir Montenegro

Sara Gómez

By Sara Gómez

Proyect Defixis Mobile

Duration: 35 min

The spatial location of the dancers and the public is altered from the modification of scenic space and the manipulation of time in the dancing and its plot, in order to generate awareness of the spectator's body. With this choreographic exercise I intend that in the experience of inhabiting a specific space, the dramaturgy emerges for each person facing the work: the individual perception of an intervened space and a non-linear time. Calle (de la providencia) # 1109 is a choreographic visit to the surrealist place of Buñuel, to the stories of Cortázar, to the music of Steve Reich, to the dreams of Kurosawa.

direction: sara gómez · musical composition: mateo rodríguez · scenography: laura martínez · costum design: mariana herrera