Sara Gómez 


Choreographer and visual artist.

EDUCATION. Doctorate Cum Laude in Philosophy and Theory of the Arts from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain (UAB) 2016-2020. Master in Art Research from EINA, University Center of Design and Art of Barcelona and UAB, 2015-2016; Licensed in Choreography at the National School of Classical and Contemporary Dance INBA (Mexico), 2011-2015; and BFA at the National School of Painting Sculpture and Engraving "La Esmeralda”, INBA (México), 1998-2003. 

RESEARCHER. She develops her production within the framework of artistic research, studies on choreography and politics. 

From 2017 to 2020, she was a member of the SGR-1312 GRETA- Research Group on Aesthetics and Theory of the Arts, working into the projects MINECO - FFI2012-32614: "Aesthetic experience and artistic research: cognitive aspects of contemporary art", and MINECO FFI2015-64138-P - “The Generation of Knowledge in Artistic Research”. Senior researcher: Gerard Villar. 

She is a member of Descentradxs, a Dance Research Network, which brings together researchers from all over the world.

She created, in 2017, Quiasmo, an editorial project on dance and contemporary thought. In 2018 and 2019 she designed the Conference on Political Choreography within the framework of the Doctorate in Philosophy (UAB) and GRETA Group, held in collaboration (2018) and co-production (2019) with La Caldera les Corts, Center de Creació de Dansa de Barçelona.

ARTISTIC PRACTICE. Her recent artistic work includes: Choreogrphic Utterances Project at the SAR FORUM 2024 (online version); at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (2023), and at La Poderosa Barcelona, Spain (2022). Actions to Read for ADiE, Artistic Doctorates in Europe, at Middlesex University of London (2019). The choreographic gesture in Picasso, choreographic action in collaboration with Laura Vilar and Pierre Faure, at Picasso Museum of Barcelona (2017).

Some of her latest performative lectures are: Artistic Research at the Institute of Performing Arts, University of Buenos Aires (2021) and Multilogos Collective Digital Platform (2022); Choreography, apparatus, and politics, for the Doctoral Thesis Dissertation (2020), at the UAB; Signs-gesture, at the INDISCIPLINES Congress of Artistic Research at UB, EINA, ESMUC-Barcelona (2019). 

She has been a performing dancer in some companies in Mexico (such as Ballet Hidalguense, UAEH Ballet Company, Takla Makan dance-theater).

She has done theatrical lighting designs for some dance companies such as CEPRODAC-Mexico and L'espace, Compagnia di danza, Italy (at the Teatro de la Danza, Mexico; Foro experimental Black Box-Mexico; Teatro Mediterraneo Occupato, Palermo).

RESIDENCIES AND ARTISTIC ACTIVITIES. She had the FONCA-CONACYT scholarship for studies abroad, from 2018 to 2020. 

During 2024: 

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PUBLICATIONS. Her latest publications are

2024. When Eros Drives Artistic Research, Research in Arts and Education, 2024(1), 234–243.

2023. Sara Gómez, in Practices Sharing II, by Emma Cocker, 2023, JAR, 

2021. Choreography as an aesthetic apparatus, in Arte Da Cena (Art on Stage) 7 (1): 201-26. / ISSN 2358-6060. 

2020. Relations between the choreographic event and the scene of Politics. Thesis to obtain the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Autonomous University of Barcelona. 2020.

TEACHING. Professor of the Master's Degree in Dance Research MID) at the National Dance Research Center (CENIDID) José Limón, INBA, Mexico.

Guess professor of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program at CENART, Mexico (2021-2024). 

Master in Artistic Research at EINA, Barcelona and Area Danza (2019 & 2021). 

She was a professor of the Online Education Program at the Nacional Center of the Arts, Mexico (2015).