Sara Gómez, Author of the editorial project from 2004 to 2005, Mexico

Publication based on conversations with contemporary artists from Mexico


Number 1 - Tráfico / Agosto 2004

a) Conversations around Ricardo Rendón exhibition, with Abrahan Cruzvillegas, Paola de Anda, Sara Gómez, Ricardo Rendón, Jorge Sosa, José Luis Sánchez Rull, and Daniel Toca.

b) Conversation: Sara Gómez and Jose Luis Sánchez Rull, about the art thesis research process.

Number 2 - Tráfico / Noviembre 2004

a) Conversation between Gabriel Orozco and Guillermo Santamarína (excerpt provided by Gabriel Orozco to Tráfico)

b) Recorded conference: Germán Venegas in the Cloister of Sor Juana about the exhibition Ídolos de Azúcar.


Number 3 - Tráfico / Enero 2005

a) Excerpts from a public conversation with abraham Cruzvillegas, at Jumez Museum of COntemporary Art

b) Transcription of a Public Lecture by Pablo Vargas Lugo, at Rufino Tamayo Museum.

Number 4 - Tráfico / Julio 2005

a) Lecture by Daniel Lamelas and Inés Katzenstein at the Rufino Tamayo Museum

b) Transcription of professional examination of the artist Luis Carlos Hurtado


Number 5 - Tráfico / Diciembre 2005

a) Collective Strategies, Conversations with artists. National School of Plastic Arts, ENAP. Artistic

Artistic groups: Atlético, Bordermates; GelMutante, and Chicos de Hoy

b) GROUPE DE RECHERCHE D’ART VISUEL (GRAV), in Theories and documents or Contemporary art, et. Al, Stiles and Selz, California. Translate by Cristina Escanero